Mindroit Technologies is one of the renowned MLM Software development companies in Bangalore, Karnataka. We have been doing MLM softwares since last 8 years. We have expertise in development of various multi-level marketing software like Binary, Matrix, Generation, Investment ROI, Crypto, Crowd Funding, Helping Plan, Level Plans etc. We have client base all over India and abroad countries like Nigeria, South Africa, UAE, Turkey etc. We make custom software to suit your plan, calculations, profit etc. We also do E-Commerce portals with payment gateway integrated with MLM plans. As you know the payment calculations, pair match calculations, commission generation, trimming, daily/weekly/monthly cutoffs, ceiling etc play a vital role in any networking software. We take utmost care in these aspects with proper testing and evaluation to ensure our final product is free from any errors. We have an excellent support team to address any updates, issues and glitches at a very less turnaround time.

We usually think of a network of wholesalers, distributors, and retailers which help a company sell their products and services to the end customer. Multi Level Marketing (MLM) helps a company reach its product to the end customer using a slightly different route. It uses an array of individuals who become part of a network to carry out the supply chain formation. Instead of the company recruiting and training its agents, every existing agent does it. So every level of sellers / agents develops another level below it, and then the people in that level create another level below them, and so on. That is why this kind of marketing and selling of a company’s products is called Multi Level Marketing. Mindroit Technologies is one of the best MLM Software Development companies in Bangalore, India. We have developed American binary, generation plan, matrix plan, crowd funding MLM software.

So why would an agent recruit more agents under him or her? Here is where the proposition gets interesting. A person doing direct marketing for a company would expect to receive commissions for all the sales completed by him or her. A MLM marketer would also receive the same. But then there is more. The marketer would also receive commissions for all the sales completed by all the marketers recruited by him or her, and the others in that line. So if I recruit 5 agents, and then each of those agents recruit 5 agents, and then that level of agents also recruits 5 agents each, I stand to get commissions for the sales carried out by all those 155 people!!

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With just 3 levels below a person, and only 5 agents being added by each, there are 155 transaction sets to be taken care of at the every cycle (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly) in order to calculate the commissions for just one person. When the scale of an MLM operation is bigger, the calculations can reach humongous proportions, taking more time and also allowing for the possibility of error. That is why Mindroit offers tailor-made software solutions for MLM organizations. The commission structure explained above is the simplest one, but there could be more nuanced structures. The software provided or developed by Mindroit takes every kind of commission structure into consideration. The team not only understands your business model before developing a customized solution for you, but also helps you after the software has been installed.

Such services have already been provided in a number of cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Mysore, Hubli, Mangalore and Mumbai. We give excellent support for your website. In case of any changes required in the plan, we easily incorporate them. Our client likes us because of the level of post-delivery support offered by us. We are top rated company for MLM website development in Bangalore.

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